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Career Pathways

The instructional program at Construction Careers Center Charter High School provides students with the opportunity to pursue multiple career pathways within the construction industry. Successful completion of their coursework coupled with qualifying standardized test scores will provide students with the means to enter directly into a construction apprenticeship or pursue a 2- or 4-year college degree. In addition to academic course work, all students are required to complete OSHA Safety Training, First Aid & CPR Certification, and community service before graduation. Although a formal character education program is not currently in place, the ideals of Respect, Responsibility, and Safety are reinforced in all classrooms, hallways, and the shop area at all times.

The sample 4 Year Plans provided below are designed to be viewed as possible 4 year plans for most students. We realize that not all students will follow these plans exactly as written depending on choice of electives and successful completion of prerequisite courses.