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In Memory Of...

Rick Grebel

December 12, 1951 - April 13, 2005)

GUIDING FORCE OF THE CCC: In the year 2000, people drove by the derelict building on Grattan Street, they saw pigeons roosting in its trash-filled rooms and flying in and out of its broken windows. Rick Grebel, however, saw opportunity. Rick envisioned a school where students could focus on the construction industry, and after graduation they could continue to grow in their chosen field. As a result, their passion and dedication would contribute to improving their city and region. ConstructionCareers Center became that school, and the first graduating class of 2005 turnedRick’s vision into reality.

Rick filled his life with a unique energy that inspired those around him. His family, friends, colleagues and CCC students reveled in it and benefited from it. Shortly before his death, Rick told his son Nick to “make every day count.” Rick did, andwe’re all the better for it.

The Construction Careers Center Building on 1224 Grattan was dedicated in memory of Rick Grebel at a special ceremony on Friday January 13, 2006.

Rick Grebel, the 1994 AGC of St. Louis President, was tremendously active in the AGC of St. Louis. In addition to Chairing the Labor Policy Committee, he served as a Trustee on the CTAF Board and a member

of the PAC Distribution Committee.However, the project that would not have gotten off the ground without Rick’s vision and determination was the Construction Careers Center Charter High School. Rick served as chairman of the School Board of the Construction Careers Center and was the driving force for establishing the school to prepare individuals from St. Louis Public Schools for the construction industry.